Our solution

Construction of the route starts at the point where Tramline 19 connects with Tramline 1 at Westvest, Delft. The line continues over the Zuidwal, a historic and monumental part of the city centre. This section crosses an arched bridge and bicycle tunnel. From the connection with Tramline 1 until the end of the Zuidwal, the tramline mixes with other traffic. The Zuiderpoort marks the beginning of a free lane for the tram. The design of the free lane involves a redesign of the existing infrastructure, including the main route for motorised traffic.

The outcome 

Redevelopment of the infrastructure has had a large impact on the underground infrastructure (cables and pipes).

Royal HaskoningDHV's assignment includes:

  • Engineering of the main sewage system;
  • Connecting the rain water drainage systems;
  • Creating a detailed time table including an implementation programme;
  • Composing permit requests;
  • Calculating cost estimates;
  • Doing research, such as determining the environmental state of the soil;
  • Designing road and railway in 3D (using MX);
  • Designing catenary system;
  • Engineering civil structures (bridges, tunnels etc.).

The existing draft design has been worked up into a final design in close consultation with the client. Changed insights led to several adjustments of the design. This included a redesign of the draft which were used by the client and the municipality to make several choices about the route.