Our client converts natural gas into electricity for the national grid from their plant based in the Netherlands. Transformers are integral to the production process and all three at the plant were discovered to have a fault. They needed to be shipped back to the manufacturer in Turkey for repair.

How to minimise production loss?

Royal HaskoningDHV was appointed to manage the project. The size of the transformers meant shipping was the only transport option so our client faced a significant period when they would not be running at full production. We sought a solution to minimise this lost production.

We located a transformer for hire in the United States. It was not identical to those used by our client but, with the use of our digital modelling tools, we were able to calculate the required design changes in the electrical power system. As a result, it was used as a replacement and meant our client lost just two days of production rather than the two months that had been anticipated.

Complex solution relied on our deep knowledge

“This was a very good solution for our client,” said Johan Pruisken, Director Advisory Group Resource Logistics & Power. “It sounds simple but actually was very complex. It relied on our deep knowledge of transformers, the grid, electrical protections and our client’s business, combined with our digital tools. It’s this mix of practical experience and detailed know how that enables us to deliver better solutions.”