• WaterScan approach scanned water consumption, exploring the water need in processes and its reduction/reuse, identifying residual water with large quantities of glucose.
  • Resource recovery, water reuse, improving efficiency and sustainability of the operation.
  • Water consumption reduced by 50% and 80% of glucose recovered and reused
  • Payback period of 6 years

A multinational food and confectionery company wanted to minimise the environmental impact of its activities in line with its strategic commitments on sustainability. One area of focus was on reducing water used in its production processes. The company approached Royal HaskoningDHV for assistance.

Opportunity identified to not only save water but raw materials too

Using our WaterScan approach, we made a rapid scan of the current water consumption, exploring whether water was needed in each process and if volumes could be reduced or reuse was possible. WaterScan is designed to achieve structural water savings through clarity and insight into the potential for reuse. The results provide a clear and prioritised overview of optimisations, balancing research efforts with the benefits to be achieved. 

Our analysis identified that the residual water at the plant contained large quantities of glucose. This offered an opportunity to not only save water but raw materials too. Working closely with our client, we identified a method of raw material recovery enabling the glucose to be reused in production without affecting the taste of the product. 


Reduced water use is increasingly important for business continuity

The solution is an energy-neutral evaporation method which separates the glucose from the water. It enables water consumption to be reduced by 50% compared to current activities and more than 80% of glucose to be recovered and reused. The payback period is six years based on water and glucose recovery, and less when the reduced costs resulting from lower volumes of waste water discharge are included in the calculation.
By taking an integrated view across the entire production process, we created a system for resource recovery as well as water reuse, improving efficiency and sustainability of the operation

Lennart Silvis, Global Director, Water for Industry at Royal HaskoningDHV