Our client is a global supplier for the semiconductor industry and relies on talented people to maintain its reputation for technological innovation. Competing for those people on a global stage, it needs world-leading facilities that support its objectives by attracting and retaining staff. In addition, since collaboration in teams is vital for achieving innovative solutions, the company aims to bring its expertise together on one campus, which places high demands on the available buildings and workspaces.

An upgrade project linked with these strategic human resources ambitions was planned for the organisation’s head office in the Netherlands. The success of the project involved translating the demands from the workplace concept into the design and layout and involved the building properties too.

Parametric toolbox shows real time impact of arrangements

To inform decision making we created a parametric toolbox which incorporated all the elements required within the workplace, such as workspaces in various configurations and meeting rooms. The model enabled our client to explore in real time the impact of various arrangements.

What was clear from our digital representation was that in order to maximise flexibility, an upgrade to the building’s technical installations was required. For example, the existing cooling and ventilation systems were insufficient for the planned meeting rooms accommodating up to 40 people.

Our building physics specialists also identified a need to improve thermal insulation to enable climate ceilings to be implemented. Climate ceilings are more sustainable for heating and cooling buildings as the method is more energy efficient than traditional convection approaches.

However, they rely on minimal energy loss from the building itself. In this instance, it was clear that the building façade needed to be renovated before introducing modern heating and ventilation concepts.

Results highlight benefit of multi-disciplinary approach

“This really illustrates the benefits of our integrated multi-disciplinary approach.” said Pepijn Schoonhoven, Senior Consultant at Royal HaskoningDHV. “In translating the needs from the workplace concept, we identified that the properties of the building itself needed to be improved to realise the concept. The integrated solution creates an inspiring, flexible working environment that is appealing to workers from all over the world.”

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