• Make better decisions with increased insight from realistic simulations

    We use structural analysis and advanced computational tools to investigate causes, consequences and the impact of mitigations on risks and hazards facing your structure. With this information you can make better decisions to ensure complete safety and structural integrity while optimising expenditure.

  • Get there first with quicker, smarter solutions

    As a research group within a market-oriented company, we drive solutions forward in a proven, structured process applying computational design methods and automated tools. It enables us to scale quickly and means you can rely on a rapid route to market.

  • Benefit from practical solutions underpinned by scientific research and analyses

    Our expert teams work at the cutting edge of scientific discovery. We focus on transforming new knowledge into efficient and workable solutions so you benefit from advanced practical approaches based on solid scientific models and analyses.

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Pedestrian wind comfort and safety for a pleasant living environment

White paper

Using Blast Engineering to ensure safety of sites and occupants

Advanced Technology and Research | Royal Haskoning DHV

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The history behind Forensic Engineering and recent innovations

  • Vibration Engineering | Royal HaskoningDHV


    Vibration engineering

    Problems created by vibrations range from nuisance all the way to structural failure. Vibrations can arise from people’s activity, machines, vehicles and more. Some environments, such as specialist laboratories and medical facilities, need to be fully isolated from vibration.
  • Earthquake Engineering | Royal HaskoningDHV


    Earthquake engineering

    We have unrivalled experience in assessing and identifying measures enabling existing buildings and structures to withstand earthquakes. We also provide expert input into design measures for new buildings and structures, including nuclear facilities and reactors.
  • Blast & Impact Engineering | Royal HaskoningDHV


    Blast and Impact engineering

    Ensuring structures can withstand potential explosion, vehicle or plane crash, missile or terrorist attack is a specialist field in which we have considerable expertise. Our advanced simulations provide realistic predictions of behaviour during impact so we can test and design interventions for structures to ensure they retain structural integrity.
  • Forensic Engineering | Royal HaskoningDHV


    Forensic engineering

    When a structure collapses or fails, forensic engineering identifies what has gone wrong. The strength of our service is that we investigate the reason for the failure while also helping our client get safely up and running as soon as possible. Alongside our initial analysis, we can quickly set up a project management team to implement a quick fix while forensic investigation continues into the cause and longer-term solutions. Clients are assured of a quick, independent and objective response.
  • Wind & Fluid Engineering | Royal HaskoningDHV


    Wind and Fluid engineering

    Analyses of the movement of wind, air and fluids at an early stage of the design process can identify issues before they arise and lead to cost-effective modifications that increase safety, comfort and operational efficiency. Computational fluid dynamic (CFD) simulations enable flows to be explored and modelled to generate reliable options at the conceptual stage. Once a structure has been built, solutions are typically more limited and more costly.
  • Innovations | Royal HaskoningDHV



    We invest in innovation. Sometimes our research is prompted by a client whose design is pushing forward the bounds of possibility – like the glass façade of the Markthal in Rotterdam or plans for the new highest building in the world in Dubai. Equally, we pick up ideas at conferences or in journals that form the basis of our own research and architectural innovation. We also support our organisation with innovations such as The Shaded Dome.

Meet the Advanced Technology & Research experts

Erik Middelkoop
Associate Director / Senior Consultant

Forensic Engineering
Wind & Fluid Engineering

Maurice Hermens
Senior Consultant

Vibration Engineering
Earthquake Engineering

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