Gain insight through a quick scan

The first step on the journey towards optimal asset management is to understand where you are now, conduct a gap analysis and understand opportunities for quick wins in improving your maturity.

Our new assessment tool helps you do exactly that. It’s a quick scan that gives you line of sight across your operations and guides your long-term asset management planning.

Our asset management maturity assessment tool is the world’s first online source of benchmarking, gap analysis and direction. It consists of 29 questions exploring various aspects of asset management, where you score yourself. Based on ISO55000 standards the tool will then help you identify your organisation’s position on the journey to professionalism.

Insight and advice... completely free

Once you’ve scored yourself against each element of asset management, you will receive recommendations based on how your organisation understands the principles of sophisticated asset management, its levels of planning, support and leadership, and how you perform on performance evaluation and improvement.

This completely free tool provides tailored recommendations and direction, backed up with the option of further support from our asset management specialist team.