Would you like to present your project documents in an easily accessible, attractive way and speed up the decision-making process? With iReport, you can. iReport is a web-based application that provides a whole range of visual and interactive information. A few clicks are all it takes to ensure your plan for a complex multi-stakeholder project is manageable and accessible to all target groups.

Increase support for your project, improve decision-making and boost productivity within your project. Instead of lengthy text documents, you can use 3D models, video, audio, and maps to present the same information in an appealing, digital format. Streamline collaboration with stakeholders and offer information at any level of detail.

People can find the specific information they require. iReport’s digital interface helps us to make better decisions based on the right information.

Floor Vermeulen

Provincial Executive member for Traffic and Transport, Province of Zuid-Holland

Suitable for any project or report

iReport can focus on all possible projects and reports, be that planning studies, feasibility studies, cost-benefit analyses, or studies focusing on range and reach. Our platform meets the requirements of digital accessibility and can be used in projects including e-participation projects under the Dutch Environment and Planning Act (Omgevingswet).

Suitable for any user interface

From tablet to laptop, iReport is compatible with many user interfaces. You decide who has access to which parts of the platform and determine the level of collaboration.

Even though the platform looks like a website, we can convert the interactively presented information into a PDF report at the push of a button.
iReport looks fantastic and very professional!

Siegwalt U Küsel 

Habitat Landscape Architects (South Africa)



iReport enables you to easily and quickly set up a platform that is completely tailored to your plan, project, or message.

Accessible and transparent

iReport helps increase productivity within projects by presenting information in a user-friendly way for all your stakeholders.

One platform

Deploy iReport as a project platform for the entire lifetime of your project and use functions such as interactive publications, 3D models, video, audio and maps.

Stakeholder engagement

Allow stakeholders to participate in the process at any time and in any way.

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