Our mission in Net Zero Advisory is to improve our clients’ understanding of the decarbonization journey. Specifically, we will guide you on the implications and opportunities of setting a Net Zero strategy. 

We recognise that the answers to an organization’s many questions are not always obvious. We specialise in multiple areas to help our clients build a multidimensional picture of their position and possibilities.  

There are three levels to our offering in Net Zero Advisory:

  • 1. Research backed initial advice

    The goal is to help you define high level strategic aims and objectives, by providing the pertinent background detail. We explore market drivers, your competitors’ progress and the complexities of decarbonization in your market. We simplify the details and provide a blueprint for your potential trajectory towards Net Zero.

  • 2. Feasibility and scoping of options

    By baselining your carbon emissions we begin to longlist the technical options to achieve your goals and identify possible funding sources. The strategy will be refined as scoping continues, to define specific changes and investment.

  • 3. Consensus and decision support

    Our team is on hand to support internal discussions and demonstrate the science behind the proposals. Stakeholder engagement and public dialogue forms part of this stage. Once proposals are agreed, we define action plans, priorities, timelines and dependencies to enable a full business case.

 How can we support you: 

  • Explaining a complex topic in simple terms 
  • Ensuring clients understand the importance of attaining Net Zero, what is expected of them and by when 
  • Sharing research-based knowledge on the basics of Net Zero planning and trajectories 
  • Exploring and explaining future energy demand and emerging technologies 
  • Brokering discussions between clients and government bodies 

Your committed partner to deliver Net Zero 

We lead by example. We have signed up to the Pledge to Net Zero and our corporate vision is to Enhance Society Together. As part of this, we seek to deliver net gains in safety, wellbeing, resources and environmental benefit in every project. 

With over 140 years’ experience in flood defence, maritime resilience, transport innovation and sustainable infrastructure, we were delivering climate resilience and decarbonisation solutions long before these phrases were coined.  

Today, we combine this experience with the latest digital skills, tools, techniques and consultancy methods to help bridge the gap between physical and digital worlds – and ensure we’re a dedicated digital transformation partner you can depend on.
These are huge global challenges, where every step counts a little, but a little is not enough.

Matthew Hunt

Leading Professional for Enhancing Society Together

Matthew Hunt | Royal HaskoningDHV
Developing bespoke, actionable strategy relies on a blend of expertise across policy, technology and implementation

Jonathan Bull

Business Unit Director for Industry & Buildings, Europe region