We work with both asset owners and financial institutions on Net Zero strategy. 

  • Financial sector

    For the financial sector there are numerous challenges, from assessing climate risks and performing due diligence on pre-investments to a lack of standardised methods and data. We deliver in three core areas to support financial institutions with funding and business cases: data gathering, analysis and action planning. We harness and analyze multiple climate, environmental and social data sources to provide drive comprehensive insights and knowledge. The resulting information is then used to set clear actions, high impact solutions and financing.

  • Asset owners

    Asset owners are focused on decarbonising their assets as well as futureproofing and managing inefficient and aging assets. Their ultimate aims are to increase yields, address risk uncertainty and maintain brand reputation. We support asset owners in scenario planning and technical due diligence, using our inhouse capabilities in digital simulation and digital twinning to bring risks to life. We explore risks and red flags to develop business cases that include options on appropriate solutions. As part of our investment and funding guidance, we explore CO2 and energy tariffs and incentives, with recommendations on the best way forward.

How can we support you:

  • Accessing sustainable finance 
  • Combining needs of shareholders/external funding streams 
  • Adapting to rapidly evolving landscape 
  • Setting out ROI 
  • Integrating ESG into risk management 
  • Considering insurance and risk management 
  • P&L and balance sheet projections 

Your committed partner to deliver Net Zero 

We lead by example. We have signed up to the Pledge to Net Zero and our corporate vision is to Enhance Society Together. As part of this, we seek to deliver net gains in safety, wellbeing, resources and environmental benefit in every project. 

With over 140 years’ experience in flood defence, maritime resilience, transport innovation and sustainable infrastructure, we were delivering climate resilience and decarbonisation solutions long before these phrases were coined.  

Today, we combine this experience with the latest digital skills, tools, techniques and consultancy methods to help bridge the gap between physical and digital worlds – and ensure we’re a dedicated digital transformation partner you can depend on.
These are huge global challenges, where every step counts a little, but a little is not enough.

Matthew Hunt

Leading Professional for Enhancing Society Together

Matthew Hunt | Royal HaskoningDHV
Developing bespoke, actionable strategy relies on a blend of expertise across policy, technology and implementation.

Jonathan Bull

Business Unit Director for Industry & Buildings, Europe region