As demands on global ports increase, from supply-chain, regulatory and competitive viewpoints, the adoption and demand for smarter operating practices intensifies. We believe that all port & terminal operators can become smarter by using technology to refine and automate operating processes across the operation. Systems and technology can support the creation of standardised, structured and automated operational procedures, bringing efficiency, improved safety and reduced operating costs.

Smart Port Maturity Health Check

The smart port journey starts with developing a comprehensive understanding of the use of systems and technology within the current port operating environment. Our team has developed a standard process to assess current technology capabilities within a port, which is delivered over a short site visit (or remotely) to provide an independent, structured and quantified view of technology maturity at the port.

The smart port maturity assessment addresses five major themes of port operations, including Marine Operations, Cargo Operations, Engineering, Safety, Security & Environmental Compliance and Commercial Management.

The survey engages all key departments to understand their needs and use of technology and where improvement gaps are detected; each function receives a score and a target that is tailored to the operating context and business significance of the functions within the port.

This study is carried out in a few days to provide a rapid reporting service, to feed into strategic planning, risks analysis, investment due diligence or business change planning.

Health check for smart and green ports | Royal HaskoningDHV

To demonstrate the value of a standardised review structure, we also offer a generic sample of this maturity service with a free online assessment tool. This provides a few questions extracted from our full service to test the digital maturity of your port operation.

Access the Smart Ports Maturity Assessment here

The results are delivered immediately by email and provide insights into the level of technology maturity and digitalisation across these five themes.  If you find this free tool useful, then please do get in touch to discuss the benefits of our full service.

Port Technology Strategy 

Once a port technology baseline is established, an appropriate Smart Port Strategy can be developed. This will become a structured and systematic approach to improving technology capabilities across your port operation, over the short and medium term. As part of this process, we will ensure existing system investments are optimised and areas for quick and cost-effective solutions are resolved first.

Our international and independent approach to port operations and technology provides us with opportunities to develop client-specific strategies and visions, in line with their long-term ambitions.

A technology strategy may respond to client-demand, competitive pressure, regulatory obligation, or a need to improve operating costs and resilience.  We will hold a series of workshops with the port and relevant stakeholders, to understand any local ambitions and operating constraints.  The strategy may cover a wide range of recommendations, from improved data networks and disaster recovery, perhaps with a cloud strategy, or to digitalised processes for cargo and equipment tracking, through to automated invoicing or access control at the port boundary.

The range of necessary improvements will be refined into strategic priorities that support the wider business objectives and a technology roadmap can be developed to pull the elements into a plan for an investment strategy.

Technology Business Case 

The Smart Ports team act as independent advisors and experts to the international ports sector but specialise in advising clients on suitable technologies for their port operations. We are also experts in managing the investment, procurement and implementation phases of port technology projects.

Our team are experts in current port technologies, and we understand the supplier market, which informs our knowledge of technological advancements for the ports industry.  With our extensive port operations, port technology and supplier knowledge of the ports industry we can produce detailed business cases for technology investments.These can be developed either for specific areas that have been identified for investment or we can create an investment strategy in line with longer-term plans.

Knowing the complexity of business change in a port environment, we can capture the range of benefits from a technology project; from operating cost and revenue gains, through to improved safety or staff engagement, or customer satisfaction.  A validated business case, risk register and investment plan can be provided to give confidence in moving forwards with the smart port technology project.

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