• Plot the route to your low carbon goal

    Get ahead of incoming legislation (such as the EU Green Deal) with a roadmap to meet your decarbonisation ambitions. We are leading the way for governments and private organisations developing flexible, science-based and digitally-integrated roadmaps for sites, buildings, real estate portfolios, industrial clusters, and more. Industries switching to low-carbon processes benefit from our active involvement in emerging solutions, including green hydrogen and carbon capture technologies, for example carbon capture and storage (CCS).

  • Reduce usage, increase efficiency and switch to renewable sources 

    Saving or avoiding the need for energy is a key part of emission reduction. Proven methods and technologies to increase energy efficiency can provide quick wins, from insulation, waste heat recovery and heat integration systems to smart controls. A facilities management portal we developed for ASML enabled this semiconductor industry supplier to reduce energy consumption across its site by more than 25%, while continuing core production developments. Our sustainability experts can develop cost/benefit analyses to substantiate your sustainable investment decisions.

  • Take control with the support of our digital tools and new technologies 

    Digital services, modelling programs and parametric design - not to mention digital twins - are indispensable for controlling and managing complexity. They help you understand the consequences of your choices so you can make informed decisions more quickly. For example, our FastLane approach provides detailed information for buildings and real estate portfolios on techniques, costs and impacts.

  • Structure short and medium-term investments to avoid regrets 

    Safeguard your reputation, competitiveness and even survival with a structured approach to the business case which filters complex scenarios to assess all possibilities. Our standardised FAST (Flexible, Appropriate, Structured, Transparent) models provide technical and economic insights on different technologies matching your energy demand profile. Based on future pricing curves and sensitivity analyses, they enable you to make the right choice of technology and infrastructure at the right time.


Embrace the energy transition, start here and now. By Gerard Jansen, Business Development Manager Sustainable Built Environment.

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