• Place people at the forefront for futureproof solutions

    By embedding health, safety and wellbeing into the design, construction and use of properties and sites, you can rely on outcomes that enable people to thrive. We create happy, safe and productive environments - from homes and universities to offices, hospitals and production sites. 

  • Understand the needs and expectations of your stakeholders

    Stakeholder priorities are changing. Customers are demanding sustainable products and supply chains; investors want future-proof plans; employees and communities are drawn to organisations in tune with their values. Stakeholder engagement is key. It forms an integral part of our projects, ensuring your organisation understands the new demands and can adapt and respond appropriately. Using stakeholder mapping tools and analysis, we bring this insight together with governance and environmental information to help you with materiality assessments and corporate sustainability reports.  

  • Safeguard resources using circular principles

    Circularity is fast becoming the new standard for sustainable business. We can advise you on how to implement circular economy business models and upcycling. We design buildings with circularity in mind. For companies which enable circular solutions, such as waste to chemical (W2C) or waste to energy (W2E), we assist in realising operations.

  • Make your supply chain sustainable and transparent 

    Navigate the increasingly complex world of stakeholder expectations with help from our robust systems which provide transparency and proof points to protect your reputation. Our multi-disciplinary teams include supply chain specialists working with digital tools and big data to bring efficiency and resilience to operations of every size.

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Jeroen Thyssen
EMEA and the America's
Team Lead Sustainable Manufacturing

Mathijs Bicknese
Industrial Sustainability Expert Business Opportunities

Gerard Jansen
Sustainability Consultant Built Environment

Methi Pieper
Team Lead Sustainable Manufacturing