Circular practices will futureproof your operations against tightening legislation. They offer competitive advantage in an environment where scarce raw materials may be subject to increasing price fluctuations and supply disruption. What’s more, with materials accounting for 30% of global CO2 emissions, a circular approach is essential to meet emission reduction targets. Discover the opportunities for your organisation with multi-disciplinary experts at Royal HaskoningDHV who are helping companies, governments, regions, and industry groups take concrete steps towards building a circular economy.
  • Introduce circularity into your strategic agenda

    Think ahead. Make sure the decisions you make now don’t just meet short term financial interests, but also serve you in the long term. Already some vital resources are in short supply and prices are rising. Costs of waste disposal are climbing and regulation is tightening. And, because materials account for nearly a third of greenhouse gas emissions, circularity is a key part of net zero ambitions. From purchasing to production processes, buildings to product design, our consultants can help you define your ambitions, create a roadmap, develop appropriate solutions, and measure impact.

  • Examine every element, to avoid loss of materials and value

    Examine every element, to avoid loss of materials and value Review the environmental impact of the materials you use to strengthen your activities for the future. It might mean you avoid using combinations of materials that cannot be recycled, or switch from chemicals in sewage water treatment to sustainable technologies like Nereda. Rely on our expertise across every element of your chain to analyse and reduce the life cycle impact of the materials used in products and processes. For example, in one food manufacturing production process, we cut water consumption by 50% and enabled of 80% of raw material to be recovered.

  • Holistic solutions across stakeholders and supply chains

    The circular economy is complex and interdependent, requiring innovation, new approaches and even unexpected new partnerships. Keep an eye on the big picture with our multi-disciplinary team which brings exceptional insight due to our longstanding commitment to sustainability and the role we play in every aspect of the materials cycle – working with legislators, designers, manufacturers, and recyclers.

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Meet the experts

Erik van Dijk | Royal Haskoning

Erik van Dijk
Senior Consultant Circular Economy

Jeroen Thyssen
EMEA and America's
Team Lead Sustainable Manufacturing