In busy buildings, optimisation of pedestrian flows is vital. During peak hours, renovations or in emergency situations, bottlenecks can occur around the vital functions of your building. Take essential pedestrian routes, security gates, escalators, checkouts or exits, for example. The smarter your building is equipped for pedestrians, the better its performance and safety in terms of throughput and occupancy. A pleasant and safe visitor experience boosts your building efficiency.

Whether it is a train station, airport, hospital, museum or shopping centre, your building’s performance depends on the experience of your visitors. Good insights will enable you to optimise public space and the associated processes to make your building safer, more comfortable, more accessible and more functional. This not only applies to current use but also to future situations.

Measuring and simulating

Royal HaskoningDHV specialises in research, consultancy and (re)design involving complex public spaces, taking visitor behaviour into account. We measure and analyse pedestrian flows and behaviour patterns in existing situations and simulate pedestrian flows for current and future designs. We also provide real-time transfersolutions. By collecting, analysing and validating data on your visitors, we can advise you on how to improve the performance of existing and new buildings, and redevelopment projects.

Effective decision making

To measure is to manage. Replacing your ‘gut feeling’ with hard facts about daily visitor numbers, pedestrian routes, duration, queues, etc., will generate fresh insights into the performance of your building and possible improvements. Simulations will help you assess the potential impact of developments, building plans or emergency situations. This in turn will facilitate effective decision making. That saves time and money and results in better building performance and stronger resilience to security risks.

Sophisticated approach

Royal HaskoningDHV uses several sophisticated instruments: Smart Measurement, Data Analysis and Pedestrian Flow Simulations. With these technologies, we can examine your current layout and/or renovation or development plans and adapt them where necessary. We can also calculate the evacuation speed of your buildings or estimate future disruption from building work. In short, insights that lead to appropriate measures and optimisation of your performance per m2.

Increase building performance and return

Specific domain knowledge is required to translate raw data into relevant information and understanding of your real estate situation. Royal HaskoningDHV offers practical solutions to increase building performance and return. With our knowledge of engineering, design and building constructions we can take care of the entire process from measuring, analysing, simulating and consulting up to and including design and realisation. Transfer Solutions will help you make the first step towards a Smart Building in which space and processes are fully adapted to the behaviour and needs of your visitors with all the financial benefits.

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