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Martien Arts

Roy Scheidsbach
Director Netherlands

Jorge Nogueira de Moura
Director Germany

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Leendert Boon

To be at the winning end, data centre providers request our support in creating their business cases of today, to determine the potential value of their capital investment projects of tomorrow.

Martien Arts

Director Mission Critical Facilities, Royal HaskoningDHV

New economic opportunities through digital

Continuity is just as important when extending the lifespan of mission critical facilities. Our multi-disciplinary teams provide support to ensure there is no downtime in healthcare systems, data centres and other critical industries where maximum availability and control is needed. Our world-class proven expertise delivers the best solution during expansion, replacement or modification of infrastructure, wherever the facility is located.

Throughout the digital revolution, our aim has been to convert your investments in mission critical facilities - anywhere in the world - into a reliable and profitable end result.

Saving energy

Saving energy with a new approach to pre-heating generators in data centres                                   

Date centre brought back to life with increased capacity and reliability

Data centre brought back to life with increased capacity and reliability

Data centre cooling | Royal HaskoningDHV

The new challenge for data centres: what happens if the water is switched off?

Datacentres of tomorrow | RoyalhaskoningDHV

No downtime during upgrade for fast-growing data centre                                               

The ROI of as built documents

The ROI of as built documents                                                                                                         

How to upgrade a data centre while maintaining service                         

How to upgrade a data centre while maintaining service                                               

Determine the potential value of your capital investment projects

The data centre consultants and engineers at Royal HaskoningDHV work on innovative and cost efficient solutions for data centres. We provide our clients, which include co-location data centres, Internet service providers and telecom companies, with strategic, tactical and operational advice. Requests relate to the engineering of the electrical technology and mechanical critical infrastructure, architecture, construction, monitoring systems, sustainability, permits and project management.

Full service expertise

  • Data Centre Design
  • Mechanical & Electrical Engineering
  • Architectural & Structural Engineering
  • Environmental & Permitting process
  • Construction QA (incl. T&C)
  • Energy efficiency directive (EED) Audit


  • Site selection
  • Strategic portfolio management
  • Feasibility studies
  • CFD studies 
  • Availability calculations
  • Parametric design


  • SPoF analyses
  • Discrimination and Arcflash studies
  • Risk analysis
  • TIA and Uptime assessments
  • Earthquake engineering

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Data centres are an essential feature of modern life. They support the digital technologies that ensure society runs effectively and efficiently without disruption. They provide the capability to address, through innovation, some of the world’s biggest challenges. At the same time, they are part of the challenge. They need to adapt and innovate so the sector continues to support and develop a vibrant digital economy which is open and accessible, without consuming unsustainable levels of resources. 

This is happening. From our market-leading position, Royal HaskoningDHV is continually innovating to enable data centres to run more effectively and efficiently, with increasing reliability, while using less water and energy. We are mindful of the wider environment, optimising space, ensuring architecture is appropriate, and embracing synergies such as heat exchange with local homes and businesses. Using multi-criteria methods, including parametric design, we are testing concepts before implementation to see their impact on reducing energy, water, materials, investment and operational costs, as well as the extent to which they meet circular economy principles.

Our sustainable solutions for greenfield and brownfield sites include energy-efficient design, waste heat exchange and energy storage, the reuse of existing buildings, smaller footprints through high-rise development, reduced water usage, and more. With Royal HaskoningDHV to lead the way, you can rely on practical solutions to incorporate sustainability in your data centre, now and for the future.

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