Transform with the latest technology

Improve productivity, performance and profit

From boosting capex returns to more efficiently managing assets and operations, our digital services and capabilities can help you prepare for the demands of tomorrow’s industry. Using models, simulations, digital twins, and a methodology of continuous innovation, we can highlight the best ways to improve your assets, processes and systems.


  • Embrace industry 4.0

    Build a roadmap for the future with our in-depth strategy and business consultancy. We combine our deep understanding of physical assets with the latest digital technologies to help industrial companies successfully navigate their digital transformation — automating processes, optimising operations, and proactively improving production lines and supply chains. 

  • Make more informed decisions

    Give meaning to your industrial process data. We use the latest technologies to collect, integrate and analyse your data, turning ones and zeroes into actionable insights and helping you make more informed decisions about everything from operations to expenditure.

  • Optimise asset performance

    We can help you create and implement digital solutions to improve your business on an operational, tactical and strategic level. Our intelligent, data-intensive platforms use predictive technologies like digital twins to simulate outcomes and automate decision making — saving you time while improving performance and reducing risk.

Our digital capabilities for industry 4.0

Our big-picture analysis, vast digital skillset, and ability to implement practical solutions makes us the go-to choice for frims in various industry sectors like food & beverage and fast-moving consumer goods.

Our methodology and technologies can help you gain data-driven insights, predict and prevent asset breakdowns, and simulate scenarios to develop new, more efficient and more effective ways of working.

Our sector-specific software solutions

Our software solutions are designed to meet the needs of various industry sectors and tackle society’s most pressing challenges. Aquasuite for the industry water challenges, Resilience Suite to help anticipate and mitigate the impacts of major environmental and geopolitical hazards, and WITNESS to help industrial companies create rich, detailed simulations of their operating environments.

WITNESS Aquasuite Climate resilience

Industry projects

Read success stories to see how our industry clients create value using our services. With various case studies for you to explore, you can see the full range of solutions and applications at work in the real world.

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